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Want to improve your business’s customer service and experience? Inbound answering services may just be for you. A dedicated team of agents for inbound answering services lifts a burden from your employees’ shoulders. Instead of training for customer service, you and your employees can focus on your line of work.

By leaving experts to handle inbound calls, you can rest assured that your customers interact with professionals who can respond to each of their concerns and inquiries.

Benefits of Engaging Inbound Answering Services

Call centre agents are trained to handle any call professionally. They provide first-rate answering services that give your customers a positive impression of your brand. Moreover, you don’t even have to spend on training expenses for in-house agents, and you get a consistent experience for yours – not varying experiences depending on who answered the phone.

Professional-grade customer service and solutions

Optimize the use of your internal and external resources by leveraging advanced tools to automate processes. Streamline workflows by integrating resource management tools that customer service agents can easily use. These include CRMs, ticketing systems, and workforce management tools. These can help you allocate budget and manpower, forecast call demands, automate agent schedules, and manage other resources.

Enhanced workflow and productivity in and out of the workplace

Inbound answering services free your staff from handling customer calls and enable them to focus on their specific tasks. Calls can also be routed more efficiently to the right personnel, helping improve overall productivity.

Off-site customer service management

Answering services facilitate more efficient customer service management off-site. Even with a completely remote or hybrid workplace setup, customer calls can be answered promptly and transferred to the correct department.

Minimized waiting time

Call centers are equipped with the manpower and infrastructure for massive call volumes. They rarely have workload issues and can easily handle call fluctuations. By availing their services, you get to have dedicated agents answer your inbound calls even when there are call surges. This minimizes waiting times and increases customer satisfaction.

24/7 live answering time

In today’s global business landscape, limiting customer service within traditional 9-to-5 office hours will lead to dissatisfied customers. Even if you are not yet expanding to international markets, you must make it convenient for your customers to reach you. Inbound answering services offer the best solution to this. You can have agents handling calls round the clock without hiring additional staff or making your employees work on shifts.

Bilingual language support

As your business grows, your reach widens as well. You’d most likely start dealing with international or global clients. But it’s not always that easy to hire in-house call agents who are fluent in two or more languages. Call answering service providers, on the other hand, have multilingual agents. Some providers even offer bilingual services at no extra cost.

Cost of Inbound Answering Services

Investing in an inbound answering service is for all businesses to consider. Regardless of how big or small, businesses can benefit from the free time and resources in signing a contract with an inbound answering service.
Answering services offer a variety of services and packages for businesses to choose from and avail according to their needs. On average, a minute-long phone call costs $1-$2.

Pricing plans

Different answering services offer different pricing plans. Below are some of the most common pricing plans answering services adopt:

Per minute billing: Answering services bill clients by the minute. Most answering services have a fixed charge for a set number of minutes.
Per call billing: Clients are billed by the total number of calls.
Per unit billing: Answering services determine which call or phone activity gets to be charged.

Every inbound answering service has their own method of billing their clients for the services they require. For a transparent and hassle-free transaction, it is best to choose an answering service that bills you monthly.

A Cost-Effective Solution

While getting an inbound answering service entails an additional monthly expense, it can actually reduce operating costs and overheads. Compared to hiring full-time agents and maintaining call center equipment, outsourcing comes out more economical in the long run. Moreover, it removes the burden of handling calls from your employees and enables them to focus on their tasks. This improves productivity and ultimately impacts your revenue positively.

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