Your customer service representatives are the face of your brand. In fact, 39% of consumers say that exceptional customer service greatly determines their trust toward a business. Thus, the way your customer agents solve issues and manage customer expectations will determine whether prospects or clients will return to you for business or seek out a competitor.

With over 75% of a company’s total annual revenue stream coming from existing customers, your customer representatives should provide effective and timely solutions to your customers’ problems.

Outsourced Call Centres’ Solutions to Top 5 Customer Woes

When you don’t have dedicated staff to handle your customer service channels, you risk lowering your team’s productivity. Answering online and phone queries and returning to tasks can take precious time out of your workday and your colleagues’ workday.

Outsourcing call center services can reduce interruptions to your workflow, allowing you to focus on your core tasks. Moreover, these professional services were established to address the common pain points of prospects and clients when contacting companies. Let’s take a look at how multi-channel contact service providers can solve five of the top customer frustrations.

  • Limited customer service availability
    By partnering with 24-hour answering service companies, you can be in tune with today’s current digital landscape where customers expect their service providers to be always available to their needs anytime, anywhere. When an emergency, disaster, or crisis strikes, on-call after-hours answering services allow your prospective and current clients to reach your business for immediate help—whether you’re a property management company, a general contractor, or healthcare provider—even after your physical office has closed or you and your team have already wrapped up your workday. Most call centers today offer not just phone services but an omnichannel that includes text, email, and social media accessibility.
  • Long waiting time
    Besides expecting companies to be “always on,” customers also look forward to near-instant responses from them. That’s why
    live chat and chatbots have become very popular, especially among younger consumers. But your clients’ waiting times can go down, if not eliminated, with an answering service partner.Outsourced call centers have the capability to handle a sudden surge in the volume of calls, also called call overflow. This instant scalability prevents callers from getting busy signals, getting put on hold, or being transferred to voicemail, all of which can turn them off and may eventually result in dropped calls.
  • Complicated procedures
    With an outsourced partner, you can develop scripts and processes that are personalized to your business. Live agents can then walk customers through steps or other procedures to resolve their problems. Services can include scheduling or booking appointments for prospective tenants, clinic or hospital patients, and home renovation clients on your behalf. More satisfactory calls mean better lead capture, customer retention, and loyalty.
  • Unprofessional call handling
    The lack of friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff is among the top frustrations of callers. Solution-focused customer agents can then apply their training and industry knowledge to engage clients in intelligent conversation, responding to basic questions, requests, complaints, and other issues with urgency, accuracy, respect, and empathy.
  • Data security
    almost 80% to 90% of consumers have data privacy concerns, 65% of them are willing to share personal data if it will mean more personalized services and perks in return. Answering services comply with privacy protocols, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act for those catering to the medical services and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard for those who transact via credit cards.Being updated with regulations, deploying updated technology, and incorporating best practices in agent training will protect your clients, your business, and your call center service.

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