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For busy business owners, an answering service can be a lifeline. A top-notch answering service in Ontario can help your business run smoothly by providing 24/7 customer support and freeing up time for you to focus on other aspects of your business.

With so many options available, it can take time to choose the right one. Here’s our guide to finding the best answering service in Ontario.

Research Your Options

The first step is to do some research. You’ll want to read reviews from past customers and look at the services offered by different companies. Make sure you find one with plenty of positive reviews and a good reputation.

Additionally, make sure that the services offered can meet your needs. Some companies specialize in specific industries or offer more comprehensive packages than others.
On Call Centre has over 50 years of experience providing answering services in Ontario. We work in numerous industries, such as property management, trades and services, legal, healthcare, tech, and telecom.

Aside from call answering services, we also offer virtual reception, message management, emergency response lines, and omnichannel support. Our trained representatives can handle customer inquiries through phone, SMS, email, and chat.

Understand Costs & Fees

Costs will vary depending on the company and the services they provide. Some answering services may charge flat rates, while others may charge per call or hour spent taking calls. Understanding all associated costs is essential before agreeing with any particular company. This will help you get the best financially rewarding option for your business.

Answering services should be worthwhile investments that help you grow your business by increasing sales and saving costs.

Here at On Call Centre, we offer flexible packages depending on your needs. Get in touch with our business development team for a no-obligation and free consultation to know how much an answering service will cost your business.

Check Availability & Response Times

You should also make sure that the company is available when you need them—ideally 24/7—and has short response times when they receive calls from customers.

Short response times are critical because customers don’t have time to wait for someone to answer their questions. They also need someone to take care of their needs quickly and efficiently. The last thing you want is for your customers to hang up out of frustration because no one answered their call promptly.

One way to know whether a company offers prompt service is by trying to call them yourself. You should receive a fast and friendly answer. How they handle their business will reflect how they’d take yours.

On Call Centre uses the most up-to-date technology to deliver 24/7, 365 days support even during holidays and emergencies. We assure you that there’s always a friendly, professional person at the other end of the line who cares about every customer call they get. We’re based in Canada and know the Ontario market well.

Final Thoughts

Choosing an answering service in Ontario doesn’t have to be daunting. While there are many options available, researching ahead of time will help ensure that you select a quality provider that meets all your needs while staying within budget constraints.

Be sure to read reviews, understand costs & fees, and check availability & response times before committing so that you can feel confident in your choice.

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At On Call Centre , we deliver exceptional customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year—sometimes 366. On Call Centre has been providing tailored, fluently French/English bilingual answering services and call centre services to small business owners (professionals, trades) and customer support departments (government, high tech, property management, healthcare, emergency clients) serving Ottawa , Montreal and Toronto —and all over Canada —for almost 50 years.

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