I Am a Business Owner Looking for Call Answering Services

business-owner-looking-for2As a small business owner, it can be impossible to answer all the phone calls you receive and stay up to date with the rest of your work. You could rely voicemail or an automated answering service, but this would mean a subpar service for your clients. In fact, if customers don't receive a timely response and adequate support, they may go elsewhere. A solution is professional call answering services from On Call Centre.

Our experienced staff offer tailored answering and messaging management services, designed with small businesses like yours in mind. With On Call Centre, there’s always a real human voice answering your customers’ calls, which means you achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty without increasing head count or capital costs—ultimately ensuring repeat business.

It's difficult enough for small businesses to afford a full-time receptionist who is fluent in both English and French—it's virtually impossible to have someone on reception 24 hours a day. We provide you with both through our remote reception service.

Customized Call Answering Services

We customize our answering services to achieve your unique business goals. We do this by working with you to blueprint an effective message management program. To bring you this service, we have a team made up of talented  programmers, account managers, and customer service representatives.

We have already provided this service to countless small businesses in Canada, the United States, and around the world over our 48 years in business.

Improve Your Business Performance

How will our team improve your business performance?

  • Achieving your business goals. We have worked with countless small businesses. Tell us about the challenges you currently face and we will customize a message management service just for you. This will ensure we meet your unique requirements.
  • Improving the customer experience. All our customer service representatives (CSRs) are fully bilingual. This means each of your customers will be able to chat in their preferred language, minimizing the risks of miscommunication, expediting call completion, and improving the overall customer experience.
  • Delivering customer satisfaction. Unless you ask us to, we'll never send customer calls to voicemail, no matter whether it's day or night. This means less abandoned calls and more satisfied customers.
  • Boosting customer loyalty. Our CSRs are experts in inbound customer service—we don’t even offer outbound services. Our helpful, service-oriented CSRs will take the best care of your valuable customers, boosting customer loyalty over the long term.

Find answering services from On Call Centre that meet your small business's needs