Chances are we have clients in your industry.

Through working with them and understanding their needs, we can draw on that experience to develop the right call answering services program for you.

Property Management

We have hundreds of property management accounts, across all types of properties, as well as companies that manage particular aspects of a property, such as maintenance, parking, and elevators.

Trades & Services

The list of our clients’ trades and services is long: plumbing, electrical, heating, construction, roofing, equipment, auto, glass, landscaping, waste management, security, swimming pools services, property inspection, pest control, fuel services.

Tech & Telecom

We serve many clients who provide IT support, systems, software development, telecom providers & systems.


We provide call answering services to many real estate professionals, as well as engineering and law firms.


We have a long history of serving hospitals, clinics, medical offices and other healthcare providers with exceptional call answering services.

Government & Social

Our clients include municipal, provincial, and federal governments, community services, education, and utilities.

Other Industries

Manufacturing, point-of-sale systems, cannabis, water management, air services, energy services. We can adapt our know-how call answering services to any type of business.