Message Management

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Be “Always On” With Message Management Services

Technology has made consumers an impatient bunch. They expect a response to their message or call on their preferred platform as soon as possible.  On Call Centre help you organize your client communication and messages from all channels of communication—whether it’s to book an appointment or find help for an issue or emergency.

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Combine Bilingual Proficiency and Empathy 

Customers demand efficiency, but your business can exceed their expectations by engaging them at the emotional level as well. On Call Centre makes this possible through its bilingual English and French-speaking agents, enabling your prospects and clients to speak the language they’re comfortable with. We train our team to listen with accuracy and empathy, so they can assess the urgency of the caller’s issue and follow your call protocol.  Our agents’ performance is strictly monitored to ensure your target audience receives the best attention and care at every touchpoint.

Build Trust With a Timely Response and Data Security Assurance

With On Call Centre, you’ll never have to miss a phone call again. We can also reply to client emails, and text on your behalf ASAP, allowing you to stay responsive to your community 24/7/365 or on selected time frames (after-office hours, weekends, and holidays). Our team helps you create a call protocol for agents to follow, so every documented message doesn’t just get to you or your designated point person—it also becomes a loyalty-building encounter. Moreover, we follow best practices for data security.

We can deploy live agents, an automated system, or a hybrid approach to fulfill your message management needs.

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Avoid Getting Lost in Translation

Some customer details may get lost in translation when you don’t speak their language. At the same time, you or your staff might end up with incomplete information about clients or their reason for calling due to distractions or having your mind elsewhere during a call. The lack of focus doesn’t only potentially harm phone-based conversations but also online digital ones, where seeming inactivity and carelessly typed responses can make you lose credibility. Protect your reputation with professional, high-quality, customer-centric solutions from On Call Centre. Contact us today to get more information about our message management service.