Omnichannel Service

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We Can Switch Seamlessly Across Channels 

Customers don’t usually take a linear path to reach your business. Regardless of their preferred touchpoint, clients expect consistent customer service that accurately records their transaction history, so they won’t have to repeat details of their order or other concerns. On Call Centre offers unified interaction across platforms, so your callers, subscribers, or followers get an integrated experience.

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Engage Clients in the Channel of Their Choice

Customers seek freedom to communicate the way they want. Moreover, they want to avoid being misunderstood by agents who only speak English. With On Call Centre, your prospects and clients get consistent quality support in English and French on any channel. We also track and report agents’ KPIs to ensure their best performance during each call.

Create Positive Experiences With Our Omnichannel Solution

On Call Centre’s omnichannel service allows clients to engage with you on the most convenient platform at any given time. With this blended solution, you can listen to and resolve your customer’s issues quickly and accurately via live calls, SMS, or email. We can also integrate with your system to enable voicemail to live call answering.

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Provide Your Market the Options They Want—Now!

Consumers demand flexibility when communicating with brands. Thus, a bot or a phone answering service alone may not satisfy their needs. On Call Centre helps you meet your clients where they’re at, consistently providing cross-channel solutions in the fastest and warmest way possible, in real time. Discover how our omnichannel solution can optimize your customer experience—contact us today.