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On Call Centre employs career customer service representatives who provide expert answering services.

Have you ever read any of the articles from  The Secret Diary of a Call Centre ? The blogger has a good sense of humour and covers a variety of call center services topics—all topics that relate to answering services as well.

In one of his recent blog posts, Turning 30 in the Call Centre: What Is the Average Age of Call Centre Employees? , the blogger explains that, when he was 18, he never anticipated that he’d be a career customer service representative (CSR).

That’s interesting because, here at On Call Centre, that’s exactly the quality we recruit: CSRs who have made the call center profession their career. This means our CSRs have years of experience honing their skills.

Finding the Best Provider

There are hundreds of call answering services providers out there. How do you find the service provider that will be best for your business? You need to consider their CSRs’ telephone and customer service skills:

  1. Do they listen to what the caller is actually saying? Or do they interrupt and jump to conclusions?
  2. Are they able to speak in both French and English? This allows callers to speak in the language of their preference.
  3. Do they promptly pass the message along to the appropriate person within your company?

At On Call Centre, our CSRs always listen to callers, they are fluently bilingual, and they relay messages right after they receive them. You can meet our career customer service representatives to learn more about them. And if you’re interested in the blogger I mentioned at the beginning of this article, here’s a link to the Turning 30 in the Call Centre blog post.

We’ve been providing answering services to clients located in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto for more than 40 years. If you’re looking for an answering service provider who hires just career customer service representatives, contact us.

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