Measure Performance against Industry-Standards  

Business leaders refer to several metrics in assessing their progress. Key performance indicators (KPIs) allow you to do this as an entrepreneur, licensed professional, or marketing and sales executive. On Call Centre tracks individual agents’ and overall corporate performance. We determine if our service keeps your customers and staff happy as we aim to help meet your revenue and growth goals. Reports recalibrate and streamline our team’s collaboration strategy to boost your call centre investment’s value.

Customize KPIs to Optimize Bilingual, Omnichannel Services

Our call centre is driven by data and statistics and features KPIs that are relevant to your business goals, including process efficiency and customer sentiment-demand metrics. We follow generally accepted metrics—such as first contact resolution, average wait time, average call duration, schedule adherence, net promoter score, and so on. However, you can add other performance areas for us to track since our bilingual English and French-speaking agents can also respond to your clients in many communication channels besides the phone. Doing so unifies our team with yours in the attention and service quality that goes into every customer interaction. When combined with our outbound customer satisfactions service, you have real end to end reporting available of your client experience, in one solution.

We Constantly Improve to Keep Your Growth On Track

Continual learning and advancement are part of On Call Centre’s culture. They’re the glue that has kept our vibrant relations with companies across various industries for over 50 years. Whether your plan covers only phone answering services for overflow calls or live virtual reception with omnichannel and emergency dispatch, we monitor KPIs to not just align with your staff and accelerate your forward movement. You also receive insights and advice about issues requiring real-time fixes and solutions. Our team will be by your side, whether your language-specific scripts need tweaking, or you need an action plan after identifying opportunities.

Get More From Every Customer Encounter

You may currently have dedicated personnel handling your inbound calls, outreach, and online messages. But is your performance tracking model achieving your targets? If not, we can help. 

Give On Call Centre a try. See how you can apply our agents’ KPIs to your team. Insights from our industry-recognized performance can help improve your team’s productivity and call-handling quality, from reducing average wait times and abandoned inbound calls to tracking call details and agent disposition. Your team and ours can work in tandem to reach different markets. For example, our team can perform Outbound customer satisfaction surveys while your internal staff can handle your existing client base. Contact us today to discover how we can collaborate and maximize each call and message.