Telephone Call Answering & Inbound Call Centre Services

We customize our telephone call answering and inbound call centre services to help our clients achieve their unique business goals. We do this by working with you to blueprint an effective and efficient message management program. To implement the program, you'll receive a team made up of talented and experienced programmers and bilingual customer service representatives, headed by a dedicated account manager.

Remote Reception

Receive the personal receptionists you need with our remote reception service. Our bilingual customer service representatives (CSRs) are all fluent in English and French. One of our fastest growing segments, our remote reception service is available for businesses anywhere in the world, answering your calls 24/7.

Push 0 for Operator

Push "0" is a cost-effective system that allow us to screen calls at the same time as providing a live answering service. Callers are prompted to press "0" on their telephone keypad if they want to reach one of our bilingual CSRs. We take the caller's message and ensure it is delivered to the right person within your organization.

Help Desk

Our help desk delivers your customers' requests and messages to the appropriate employee at your company. We help you solve issues faster to keep your customers satisfied.

Dealer Locates

It's difficult for large businesses to stay up to date with the contact information and services that each of their branches offers. We'll help your customers find services and information for their specific area.

Catalogue Order Processing

A catalogue is a great way of increasing sales, but it requires staff to be on hand to process orders. We can provide you with a dedicated catalogue order entry service.

Web-Enabled Services

Our services extend beyond inbound phone calls. If you already have an online system for your customers to place orders, we can capture and process them.

Optional Voicemail Services

An alternative to our 24/7 call answering service is voicemail. We'll set up a telephone number and voicemail box for you. Plus, you can choose how we alert you to new messages: by paging or calling you. There's no rush to check your messages right away—you can retrieve them whenever you like. All your messages will be dated and time stamped.

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