You’ve most likely heard the adage “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Never is this truer than when engaging potential new clients for the first time.

Think about your own business. If the phone is ringing with a prospect at the other end of the line, what’s likely to happen? If you’re in a meeting, does the call go to voice mail? What happens when it’s outside of regular business hours? If you’re in your car, travelling to your next appointment, do you try to do two things at once: drive while talking, distracted? This is no way to engage potential new clients.

Now consider what the prospective new client is thinking. People want instant gratification. This means clients are probably going to call the next business on their list if they’re unable to reach you. Worse, if you’re driving and talking at the same time, your responses to the client’s questions may not inspire much confidence.

Every “missed” phone call represents lost business. They mean the loss of a chance to engage potential new clients. Luckily, you can avoid lost calls entirely by using a professional inbound telephone call answering service . As such a service will generate business revenue, it is common for inbound call answering to provide you with a return on investment every day.

Are you located in Ottawa , Toronto , Montreal , or anywhere in Canada ? Are you mobile? Do you need calls answered outside of regular business operating hours? Whether you’re a small business or a customer support department, you need a reliable telephone call answering service. Partner with On Call Centre.

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