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Growing call volumes frequently indicate significant brand, service, or business recognition. This is usually organic and can be attributed to various PR factors. Ideally, these enhancements should be accompanied by increased overall business efficiency by the company to promote business growth, increase clientele, and increase turnover.

How do I answer growing call volumes for less labour cost?

A significant issue for most business owners is answering growing call volumes effectively at significantly lesser labor costs. However, there are many ways this can be achieved efficiently:
• Assign specific and unambiguous roles to employees to boost efficiency. It is easier to focus on a particular task than on multiple tasks.
• Study similar businesses in the same industry to identify conventional business standards. This will give an insight into what steps to take to improve business efficiency.
• Outsource specialized expertise to handle growing call volumes. A 24/7 telephone answering service will guarantee effectiveness when regular employees are overworked.

How do I manage increased demand by government bodies for service reporting?

Usually, government bodies monitoring and scrutiny tend to increase during increased call volumes and, if not handled satisfactorily, can clamp down on business operations. Effective measures to address this include:
• Ensuring adequate records are kept and accessible for easy retrieval.
• Efforts should be channeled into responsive and genial services to respond, resolve and handle these demands.

Whenever necessary, these roles could be outsourced for efficiency. 24/7 telephone answering services are usually effective for these.

Satisfactory response and cooperation should be readily provided when government bodies demand service reporting.

How do I support Multiple Languages?

  • Depending on the business location or clientele demographics, there may be a need to make provisions for handling calls in various languages. Bilingual telephone services in Canada can be of immense help in these situations. To make this provision, it is ideal first to ascertain what languages these potential customers are more likely to use during calls. When this is determined, it will be accessible to:
    • Make necessary handlers for these calls in multiple languages available.
    • Seek outsourced expertise, where in-house employees would not handle this effectively. This way, the business benefits from outsourced receptionist services that offer bilingual answering services.

How do I ensure I have the right people picking up the right phone call?

You can ensure that the right people pick up the right call by utilizing an automatic call distribution service. This service receives calls and distributes them based on customer information and demand. This way, calls are funneled to the right resource automatically. There are several call answering services in Canada that utilize this.

High turnover and high sick days are impacting my operating costs; how do I manage this?

In situations where the business records high turnover and high sick days simultaneously, it is ideal to ensure that employees have overall high morale, are working under the best conditions, and are not overworked.

Where this is not the case, develop measures to reduce employee workload and boost morale. This can be done by speaking with employees who take calls to determine best practices, implement them, and monitor results.

How do I resolve my management requirements for a quicker answer and their restriction on hiring?

Businesses should utilize call answering services to ensure that their calls are answered swiftly and promptly. First, it is essential to understand the kind of calls being received identify scheduled calls. It is also necessary to identify best practices in handling these calls. Standard 8-hour shifts and 24/7 telephone answering services usually have different impacts. Other measures like scheduling software that import call stats, schedule them, and measure response time could significantly impact.

All of our calls come in one line, office calls are mixed in with new business calls, and all are getting the same service: bad. How do I solve this?

It is adequate to sort the calls received over a particular phone line to improve service response. It is not ideal for accepting business calls with regular office calls. This can be detrimental to the entire business in the long run. Sort this by publishing another phone number and separating it for a specialized service. If your current office phone system supports a phone tree, look at employing lower-skilled entry-level call takers to triage inbound traffic.

Our clients require a 365/24/7 call support service. Night shifts are difficult to staff and very slow, and that destroys my efficiency stats. How do I solve this?

When clients require 24/7 call support service, recruiting night staff to perform after-hours telephone answering services can be challenging; this can take a toll on your business efficiency stats. To handle this, look for other admin tasks that can take place overnight. This can be data maintenance, billing processes, or report writing. This way, business stats, and employee morale will be boosted, which will help the business.

Alternatively, a separate 24/7 telephone answering service can be provided. This will cause more efficiency and focus.

Final thoughts

High call volume means your business is doing well, and you’re getting a lot of positive feedback. So enjoy the moment, try to balance it up, and use the methods we’ve discussed earlier so it doesn’t lead to you having bad feedback in the end.