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3 Call Answering Techniques that Tell Your Customers You Value Them

At On Call Centre, it’s our jobs to provide exceptional customer experiences 24×7 three hundred and sixty-five days a year. How well we handle our clients’ customers’ calls speaks volumes when it comes to the loyalty their brands receive. Even if you’re not one of our clients, we know that the customer experience is important to you too. And, because it’s important to you, we ask you to question how your organization can better deliver exceptional customer experiences. Here’s what spurred this blog article.

I was recently a guest at a hotel in Quebec City, Canada. The call I originated from my room to Room Service was answered by the Front Desk. Instead of transferring me to Room Service, the Front Desk stayed on the line until he reached a live body in the Room Service department. The hotel’s approach ensures guests are always greeted by a live body, and implies that they care about the service delivered at every customer touchpoint.

Here are 3 call answering techniques that will tell your customers they are valued:

  • Borrow from the Quebec City hotel’s approach. For example, if a Technical Support Department’s employees are all handling calls, the customer’s call could be answered by an “overflow” live Customer Service Representative (CSR) who stays on the line until a Technician is available. (On Call Centre offers this service to many of our clients).
  • Eliminate customers’ frustrations with having to leave voice mails when an organization’s employees are on lunch or coffee break. Often that’s why a customer is calling—it’s their break as well. (Many of our clients have us answer their phones so they deliver round-the-clock exceptional customer service no matter the time of day.)
  • Is it a source of frustration to French-speaking customers who must switch to English to accommodate your organization? Partner with an answering service who’s CSRs are fluently bilingual and ready 24×7 to assist customers in the language of their choice. (100% of On Call Centre’s CSRs are fluently French-English bilingual.)

What telephone call answering service or call center service tactics can your organization adopt to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences?